Who We Are

Welcome to PochtecaMX!

We are a Mexican-British couple who share a passion for bringing the beauty and craftsmanship of Mexico to the world!

 As a Mexican native, Andy has grown up surrounded by the rich cultural heritage of Mexico and has always been drawn to the beauty and intricacy of artisanal products. Tom, on the other hand, has developed a deep appreciation for Mexican culture through his travels and experiences. 

Together, we have combined our unique perspectives to curate a collection of handmade items that showcase the diverse traditions and artistry of Mexico. We hope to grow our collection as time goes on.

We work directly with local artisans to ensure that every product is made with the highest quality materials and techniques. Our mission is to not only bring these beautiful products to you, but also to support and preserve the traditions of Mexican artisans. 

Thank you for visiting our shop and we hope you enjoy our selection of handmade treasures!


Quality Controller
Good Boy

The real star of the show! Our furry companion, Khufu, is a key part of our team. As the inspiration for our pet products collection, Khufu's keen eye for design and fashion has made him an invaluable member of our team. He's always happy to provide a helpful paw when it comes to selecting, inspecting and modelling the perfect pet products for our customers.

Khufu was a racing greyhound and one of the lucky ones to find a new home after his racing career - thanks to the amazing efforts of the Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare  charity. We are so grateful to have Khufu in our lives and to know that he's now able to live out his days in comfort and happiness, because of the compassion and dedication of the people who work tirelessly to ensure the welfare of retired racing greyhounds. While Khufu's story is a heart-warming success, it is important to remember that there are still many retired racing greyhounds in need of loving homes and care. 

María and Carlos

The Artisans
Chiapas, Mexico

María and Carlos are true masters of their craft. Working closely with the collective, they use their expertise to create stunning pieces that showcase the beauty and traditions of Chiapas. Their commitment to their craft and their community is truly inspiring, and we are honoured to feature their work in our collection.



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