Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare

...Because there is life beyond the track...

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare is an amazing charity that provides care and homes for retired racing greyhounds. They are entirely self-funded and rely on the generosity of their supporters and the general public. Their kennels in Hersham provide a home to around 50-60 greyhounds at any given time, with most of them being gifted to the charity by their owners or trainers once they're no longer fit to race. However, they also help those less fortunate greyhounds who are at risk when they can.

What sets them apart is their ‘no destruction’ policy, which means that no greyhound is put down except on health grounds when there's no other option. They take in all colours and personalities regardless of their homing chances and have a place called "The Sanctuary" for those greyhounds with long term medical or behavioural issues, who will have a home for as long as they need it. They actively promote the idea that greyhounds make wonderful pets and adapt to life after racing very well. I think their work is truly admirable and essential to ensure these beautiful creatures get the love and care they deserve.

50% earnings from our purple products will be donated to the charity, but we also encourage you to make any donation you can below. 

For more information on the charity and their incredible work, please click below.


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